The Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health is mandated to ensure that workplaces in the country are rendered safe and without risk to health to the workers, the general public and the environment.
Functions of the Directorate
  • Inspection of workplaces, including petroleum   installations, to identify and cause redress of   hazards which threaten the safety of workers, the general public and the environment,
  • Registration and examination of pressure vessels such as steam boilers, air receivers(compressors) and steam  receivers(radiators) and to ensure preventative maintenance,
  • Registration and examination of hoist and  lifting equipment
  • Investigation of occupational accidents and work-related diseases to identify the causes and recommendations of measures that should be taken to prevent re-occurrence of such   cases,
  • Development and review of legislation, regulations, technical standards and guideline in line with emerging trends in the world of   work,
  • To conduct awareness campaigns on Occupational Safety and Health  information to both employers and employees in workplaces
  • Carrying out industrial hygiene surveys
  • Scrutinizing  drawing plans for workplaces such as factories in liaison with City Assemblies so that Safety features are included in the buildings
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