The core department of  the Ministry of Labour is Labour Services. The Department is responsible for core activities of the Ministry. The activities of the Department  include but not limited to the following:

  • Maintain a hig quality, harmonous and productive workforce;
  • Maintain a peaceful working environment through the art of Labour inspection;
  • Creation of job opportunities through the setting up of Employment Exchange Bureeau throughout the district Labour Offices by registering vacancies and job seekers on the vacancies that they quality;
  • Settlement of Labour disputes;
  • Settlement of Labour Complaints through mediation between the employer and worker when the contract has been terminated;
  • Carry out prosecutions against employers who break the Labour Laws;
  • Implementation of the on job training;
  • Labour law enforcement through periodic checks in the workplaces;
  • Liaise with employers and workers organizations in reviewing the minimum wage;
  • Handling child labour issues/activities that include inspections, preventions, withdrawing, rehabilitation, repatriation and re-integration of children involved or were about to be involved  in child labour;
  • Organizing the Child Labour Network meetings;
  • Organizing the Social Dialogue meetings;
  • Coordinate the Child Labour Network members on child labour matters;
  • Play a conciliatory, mediatory role between the employers organization or employers and workers or workers organizations on labour matters;
  • Conduct investigations of allegations of violations of workers, rights leveled against employers by the workers themselves;
  • Reviewing employment exchange systems and  procedures and  making necessary suggestions for improvement;
  • Coordinate the social dialogue processes between employers and workers for peaceful working environment.
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