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Honourable Agnes Makonda Nyalonje



Hon. Agnes Makonda Nyalonje is the Minister of Labour. She has served in many national and international organizations focusing on policy, planning, managing, advocacy, coordination, partnership-building, gender issues, capacity- building and resource mobilization—all geared towards a focus on human development work, community service, particularly for marginalized communities.


  • Masters on Literature (Leeds)
  • Post Graduate diploma in Personnel and Development (Edinburgh)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Hons)- University of Malawi
  • Bachelor of Social Science (University of Malawi)
    Professional life:
  • Lecturer in linguistics, University of Malawi – Chancellor College
  • Lecturer University of Edinburgh
  • Consultant for World Bank (Washington/Geneva)
  • Country Director UNAIDS (2002- 2004) – wrote a proposal that got Malawi $190 million
  • Technical adviser World Health Organization in South Africa (2004, 2006)
  • Executive Director Maikhanda (2008)
  • Director Sight savers Malawi (2013)
  • Member of Parliament (2014).



Mr Wezzie  Kaira is the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Labour. He has Bachelor of Law and Master of Law in international legal services.  He also worked as a Principal Secretary for Ministry of Labour from 2011 to 2014 for good governance, he also worked with the Office of the President and Cabinet as a Principal Secretary from 2014 to 2020 and he is currently working at Ministry of Labour - 2022. He is a legal expert lawyer in Prosecution; Defensive; governance; Legislative Drafting; Public Service and General Management; Legal Training and Coaching.

Mr Wezzie Kayira


Mr. Nyangulu is the Labour Commissioner for the Ministry of Labour and started working for the civil Service on 7th June 1991. He has 30 years of experience in the Civil Service of which 28 years was on Employment and Labour Matters. Mr. Nyangulu has a Master’s degree in occupational safety and health obtained from Turin University, Italy, a Master of Science from Bournemouth University, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science Degree obtained from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. He was born on 30th June 1968.

Mr Hlalerwayo Nyangulu


Mr. Chirwa is the Director of Technical and Vocational Training in the Ministry of Labour and joined the Civil Service on 5th May 1999 and has served in the civil service for 21 years. Mr Chirwa Holds a Master's degree in public administration from the University of Tsinghua, Beijing, China. He was born on 4th September 1971.

Mr Richard Chirwa


Mr Kalilombe, born on October 15, 1965, is the Director of Administration for Ministry of Labour. He began his career in the civil service in 1986 and has since held various positions, including District Commissioner for multiple districts from 2002 to 2016. He was once a Director of Disaster Response and Recovery for DODMA from 2016 to 2019, and a Lecturer in Management at Staff Development Institute from 2001 to 2002. He also worked as a Human Resource Management Officer for Ministry of Education and Blantyre Teachers College from 1998 to 2000. Mr. Kalilombe holds a Master of Science in Management Studies from Malawi Institute of Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management from University of Malawi, Chancellor College, and a Diploma in Education from the same institution. Most recently, he served as District Commissioner for Dedza and Karonga from 2019 to 2022 before assuming his current role.

Mr Paul Kalilombe


Mr Musukwa is the Deputy Labour Commissioner for the Ministry of Labour and started working for the civil service on 12th December 1992 and has 28 years of experience working for the civil service. Before joining the civil service, he worked for Centre for Social Research. Mr Musukwa has a Masters’ Degree in Population Studies obtained from University of Ghana, a Bachelor of Science degree obtained from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College and a Diploma in Law from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. Mr Musukwa was born on 8thOctober, 1964.

Mr Wafwile Musukwa


Mr Chirombo is the Assistant Labour Commissioner Responsible for Trade Test in the Ministry of Labour and joined the Civil Service on 3rd February 2003 and has been in the service for 18 years. Before joining the civil service, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Limbuli Tea Factory under the Eastern Produce of Malawi (EPM) in Mulanje. Mr CHirombo has Master of Education Degree in Technical and Vocational Education (Med.TVE) from the University of Bolton in Manchester, England and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic. He was born on 18th October 1973.

Mr Joseph Chirombo

Mrs Patricia Zimpita is the Director of Planning in the Ministry of Labour and she heads the Planning Department which is responsible for, among others policy formulation, project proposal development, monitoring and evaluation and workplan and budget preparation.Prior to joining the Ministry of Labour,   Mrs Patricia Zimpita worked in various capacities in the Malawi Civil Service including serving as the Director of Poverty Reduction and Social Protection in the Department of Economic Planning and Development in the Ministry of Finance.  She also served as The Director of Policy Research Monitoring and Evaluation in the Office of the President and Cabinet.Mrs Zimpita holds a Master’s degree in Economic Planning from the University of Glasgow, a Postgraduate diploma in development policy also from the University of Glasgow and a bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Malawi.

Mrs Patricia Zimpita

Mrs Tasira Mwaupighu is the Deputy Director of Planning in the Ministry of Labour which is responsible for policy formulation, workplan and budget preparations, monitoring and evaluation, data management, and project proposals development among others. Prior to joining the Ministry of Labour, Mrs Mwaupighu has worked in the Ministry of Health as head of Monitoring and Evaluation and also as a Chief Economist responsible for Health Financing. She also worked  as an Economist and then as a Principal Economist responsible for household and national food security issues in the Ministry of Agriculture. Mrs Mwaupighu holds a Masters Degree in Macroeconomics and Finance for Development from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Social Science Degree(Majoring in Economics) from the University of Malawi

Mrs Tasira Mwaupighu


Mrs Kawamba is the Assistant Labour Commissioner responsible for Industrial Relations in the Ministry of Labour and started working for the civil service on 17th November 1998, and has been in the civil service for 23 years. Before joining the Civil Service Mrs Kawamba worked as a Moderator for National Democratic Institute (NDI) after graduation from the University of Malawi in 1997. Mrs Kawamba has a Master of Arts (Humana Rights Law) LLM Degree obtained from Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland and a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) Degree from the University of Malawi. She is passionate about her work as she finds it challenging and yet motivating especially now that the labour trends are evolving. MrsKawamba was born on 8th March 1975

Mrs Linda Kawamba


Current Activities


Malawi, Kenya and Uganda Share Knowledge on Combating Child Labour
CB4LI LL-79.jpg
Labour inspections critical for the enforcement of labour law and standards
Community Technical Colleges Remain a Priority- Minister
Malawi set to establish Workers’ Compensation Fund
The EU-funded Zantchito Skills for Jobs Programme, together with the Ministry of Labour, are conducting a five days’ strategy development workshop for the operationalisation of the Workers Compensation Fund.
Ministries of Labour and Mining to collaborate Towards Increased Labour Force in Mining Sector
Launch of National Alliance 8.7 Roadmap
Ministry of Labour, Limbe Leaf and Alliance One, signs MoU to intensify labour inspections towards achieving decent work
Government launches a US$15 Million grant scheme for expansion of TEVET institutions
Education and skills development key for MW 2063 agenda realization
Minister hails Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company for donation
Minister impressed with ILO collaboration
Labour inspectors training.jpeg
Labour Inspectors Training
PS Labour opening the Labour Inspectors training workshop
Malawi Minister of Labour attends Regional Seminar for Labour-bases practioners in Kigali Rwanda
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zantchito workshop.jpg
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