Background Information
The Directorate of Technical and Vocational Training (DTVT) is charged with the responsibility of providing policy direction on all matters of technical and vocational training in Malawi.
DTVT's Vision
Its vision is to develop high quality, skilled and employable human resource in an effort to increase and create wealth to the nation.
DTVT's Objective
The over-riding objective of the Directorate is to create lasting improvements and wealth creation in the living standards of Malawians through the provision of technical, entrepreneurial and vocational skills for paid and self- employment.

Functions of DTVT
The Directorate has several functions in order to ensure that technical and vocational training in Malawi is developing. Amongst the functions are:
i. To develop and interpret technical and vocational training policies.
ii. To administer, manage and coordinate the implementation of policies relating to technical and vocational training.
iii. To regulate registration of both public and private technical and vocational institutions throughout the country.
iv. To provide leadership to seven Public Technical Colleges.
v. To coordinate and monitor the operations of private technical colleges throughout the country.
vi. To provide training in all Public Technical Colleges.
vii. To provide quality assurance in the training system.

Achievements in FY 2010/11
i. Reviewed a draft TEVET policy.
ii. Student enrolment has increased from 875 to 1362 (1000 males and 326 females).
iii. TEVETA provided TEVET skills to vulnerable groups through on-the Job training programme (OJT) and to 1834 orphans and vulnerable youths through NAC Project.
iv. The sector is in the process of harmonizing three TEVET curricula: National Trade Test being administered by Ministry of Labour, Malawi Craft being administered by Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) and Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) being administered by Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA).
v. Through Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TEVETA), the sector has conducted:
§ Skills Development Initiative programme which has benefited 115 youth (44 females and 71 males)
§ On-the – job- Training Programme which has benefited 84 youth (33 females and 51 males)
vi. The sector has rehabilitated Soche, Salima, Lilongwe and Nasawa Technical Colleges.
vii. Construction of one classroom and an automobile workshop at Soche Technical College.
viii. TEVETA has paid bursaries to needy 477 students in public technical colleges of which 69% were females.
ix. The sector has inspected and supervised TEVET institutions both public and private.


x. The sector has registered 43 TEVET institutions and closed sub-standard ones.
xi. New trades/ courses have been introduced at the following Public Technical College:
 Soche - Electrical installation, Automobile Mechanics, Textile and Design, General fitting and refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
Mzuzu - Electrical installation
 Lilongwe - Textile and Design
 Nasawa - Motor Cycle Mechanics

xii. The Sector has developed Entrepreneurship Training Manual for technical instructors

The Directorate manages seven public technical colleges; these are three (3) Grant-Aided Colleges and four (4) Government Colleges.
Grant-Aided Colleges
• Livingstonia Technical College in Rumphi District (CCAP)
• Mzuzu Technical College in Mzuzu City (Catholic)
• Namitete Technical College in Lilongwe Rural (Catholic)
Government Colleges
• Lilongwe Technical College in Lilongwe Urban
• Nasawa Technical College in Zomba
• Salima Technical College in Salima
• Soche Technical College in Blantyre

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